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1. Install authenticator
Setup any "authenticator" app from Play Store or App Store to use code above, examples:

2. Get token
Input token you got from app here
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How to get 2FA token?

▷ Write down 2FA code
▷ Open a time-based 2FA app, ex:
- Google Authenticator
- Authenticator Chrome plugin
▷ "Enter setup key" / "Manual Entry"
▷ Type "Time based" (optional)
▷ Paste 2FA code, get 2FA token

Why no QR code to scan?

We do not show a QR code by design, as the written code is required to change the 2FA application/device.
Many services would not inform you about this, but for us we prefer doing the right thing even if it needs slightly more work.

Is the 2FA code important?

Yes, it is extremely important as it adds a layer of security to your account. Please save the 2FA code somewhere safe.
If your device gets lost or damaged the only way to access 2FA on another device is to have the written 2FA code.


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