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Crypto Fund Dashboard

Scale your operation
Up to 100 portfolios

💯 Scale up to 100 portfolios

✌🏻 Start from as low as 2 portfolios

😎 Manage multiple portfolios together

One place for
all portfolios

See portfolios up to date values and latest changes keep up to date with any maintenance required

One click to
add portfolios

Add up to 100 portfolios to your account each with their own Binance API

Sell allocations
on demand

Sell any coin allocations on demand directly from the portfolio page

Unify settings
for all portfolios

Apply settings of one portfolio to all portfolios under your account

Start Scaling

Connect your clients Binance accounts
Let us do the rest

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Crypto Fund Dashboard allows professionals to manage multiple exchange accounts, view the fund total value, distribution and change settings for all portfolios simultaneously.

Frequently asked questions

Let us answer your questions

From settings in portfolio page, click the drop-down arrow at top then click "Add a portfolio". On both pricing and dashboard pages, there should be clear buttons to "Add a portfolio". These are the three locations from which a portfolio can be added.

There is no need to make a payment right away when adding a portfolio. The total subscription validity time is instantly divided based on number of portfolios.

One dashboard account can manage up to 100 portfolios. Each portfolio is charged separately. When one adds additional portfolios they would not be asked to pay, instead the time will be redistributed on the new portfolios count.

Example 1: If one started with one portfolio with an annual subscription (12 months) and they added 11 portfolios, the subscription valid time should update to be one (1) month, 12 months divided by 12 portfolios. If they then delete 11 portfolios, the subscription validity should go back to 12 months.

Example 2: In the previous example if one were to add just one (1) account, the total valid time after portfolio addition would be 6 months, 12 months divided by two (2).

In both cases of adding or deleting portfolios, time is redistributed based on the number of remaining portfolios. When one extends or renews their subscription, the subscription value is also based on number of remaining portfolios.

This pay-as-you-go system is designed to make it extremely easy to add or remove portfolios according to manager needs.

There are no limits on the portfolio size, but a personal portfolio of EUR1500 is probably the reasonable minimum. Below this amount the subscription fee would not make much sense.

As for managed portfolios, it would probably be wise to only manage portfolios larger than EUR10,000 to be able to charge an upfront management fee, example: 2-3% on the initial portfolio size per year.


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