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The dashboard subscription does not include portfolio subscriptions, which are charged separately based on number of portfolios. When the subscription expires you will be notified to visit this page to renew. By making the payment you confirm your agreement to our privacy and terms, which include the following API utilisation terms.

Our API utilisation terms

The driving algorithm for our "Provide liquidity" feature is not perfect and can make mistakes, and by using related features you agree to have understood and agreed that: (1) The related features currently only works with Binance exchange. (2) trades might be missed, executed in a wrong manner and even when well executed they might be bad trades, (3) you would continuously check your exchange account to make sure it is to your satisfaction, (4) you would never allow the API keys used here the privilege / ability / permission to withdraw funds, (5) you would delete the API keys on the exchange whenever you want to stop using the service, (6) you would keep the API keys secret and would not use/share the same API keys with any other person / service, (7) you would not use this feature with any money you are not willing to lose, (8) you would wavier your right to claim any damages caused by our service / app / website / system / company.

Pay from wallet not exchange

Exchanges take more transactions fees compared to wallets. Paying directly from your wallet also ensures faster processing compared to exchanges.
In case of a refund request we refund to the same address which made the payment. While exchanges usually have different wallets for sending and receiving transactions. So paying from your wallet gives us the ability to refund in case of any issues.
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